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Open the door and let in the dog. He is playing here.

Leora is still active. It seems that the credit for my prepaid mobile phone account has run out. Don't believe anything Pierre tells you. I'm not going to leave this up to Shuvra.

Mick dropped me off at the airport.

Do you know that you're beautiful? I had intended to visit the temple last week. He's a farmer. I'm glad you could come. Give me three minutes.

The charges against him were dropped because of his youth. Keith is not a student. Michel called me an idiot. Which part hasn't been translated? This game is spectacular! Would you get me a glass of water, please? I don't think Lucius is that weird. This winter we experienced many rainstorms. She's lying on the floor.

We do not have snow here. Frankly speaking, you are in the wrong. This is a very hard mattress. They're thinking about getting married. what did you do yesterday. Does this dress look OK on me?

Karen didn't even try. Humans are the only animals that laugh. His desire is to go into business. He learned the poem by heart. He exhaled loudly. Alvin asked me to ask you something.

Which one of them is mine? Her cooking is the best. Let me congratulate you on your engagement. He had to commit crime because he was starving. May I have a word with you in private? Mat and I went to see Ritchey off at the airport. We get closer, trying to understand each other, but just hurt each other and cry. You must not come in. There's one other thing we need to buy. You've got a minute to go and return.

I'm tired, but I'm going anyway. Kathy thinks he knows best. Down with corrupt politicians! I've waited two whole hours. I can't wait any longer. Make sure you get enough sleep. This shirt suits you well.

His diary was a kind of list of events, though he commented at length once in a while. An American politician reportedly said: "All I know is what is on the internet." Betsy applied for the job. We realised they were right, we had nowhere to play or even practise.

I feel like a beluga whale! Why don't you go meet Kathleen? Frederick fixed the fence.

I don't want any trouble with the IRS.

When he's hungry, Marco is capable of stuffing himself with a kilogram of baked goods. We've hired Martyn. I heard the news that our team had won. "That's not so!" "It certainly is so." There is a movement afoot and nobody is noticing it.

It'll be a surprise! Turn to the right, and you'll find the hotel. Julia felt like crying when she heard the news. Christopher Columbus started wearing his famous hat back when he was still a schoolboy, and was often punished by his teachers for refusing to take it off in class. Sandy didn't know that at the time. The courthouse ordered new gavels. He loved Boston. Mikael has been working for us about three years. She's not stronger than me.

When is the next flight to Boston? He knows how to find water in the desert. Tears shimmered in her eyes. Tell her what you heard. Piano music soothes the soul. Pay attention to what Eliot says. "His Majesty... I must go and see what happened! ...Your Majesty, what has happened?" "Link kissed me!" "Of course he kissed you, you're his hero!" Larry didn't buy a ticket. I have a friend who feeds his dog strawberries.